About Us

Boomtown Media House creates quality design work that is representative of each individual clients needs. We’re a boutique company that pushes boundaries with big concepts, while providing long-lasting solutions through the use of effective design and strong branding.

graphic portrait illustration of Freddy Mazereeuw

Freddy Mazereeuw

A significant portion of Freddy’s day is spent overseeing the shop. Often times the voice of reason he keeps the studio running at a promising pace. When he is not maintaining his colleagues schedules he can be found spending time with his four-legged loves. Ready to connect? Much like his iphone, he is never out of reach.

graphic portrait illustration of Carly Fitchett

Carly Fitchett

To Carly, a successful day is determined by the amount of ink & paint on her hands. She believes in the power of collaboration, and that a balanced life results in balanced work. When not at the shop you will find her by the sea, coffee in hand and feet in the sand. She genuinely loves what she does and we believe it shows.

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graphic portrait illustration of Phillip Anderson

Phillip Anderson

Phillip believes big ideas start with a pen & paper. Watch his process and it becomes clear that he is on to something. His skill in conceptualization and execution is a steadfast lesson in determination. He finds inspiration from nature, and refuses to let seasons interrupt his love of board sports.